Galina Loza, MSc. Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, Certified Nutritional Microscopist.

Her interest in alternative medicine went through visiting various spiritual places, studying potency of the wild herbs, folk remedies of the world cultures and other alternative practices. Completely supported by her family her life style completely changed towards health and longevity.  

Galina generously shares her knowledge about identifying, collecting, and preserving wild medicinal and edible herbs. As a certified Live Cell practitioner she helps other people to determine by a single living drop of blood the optional diet and food supplements to improve sub-optimal “blood ecology” patterns. She is sure that imbalances can be detected by Live Cell Microscopy long before routine biochemical tests show any abnormalities.

Galina takes healthy living to the highest level. She promotes life without chemicals, GMO, EMF, antibiotics in food production, all other unnatural to human health substances and pollution of any kind. In her vast property she grows only natural plants in a literal meaning of this word, and supports happy life. She lives together with her husband and their healthy and happy pets and honey bees by the river in the woods, far away from the city bustle!

Boris Loza, PhD.  Traveler, researcher and explorer of ancient civilizations, writer, artist, chef, nature-lover. His various interests have brought him recognition in a variety of fields. From being a winner at the first international Cyber Security Contest and publishing articles in magazines for elite hackers to writing travel articles and developing innovative computer technologies for his private companies, Dr. Loza always finds time for his true passion–traveling around the world. He writes in Russian and English and is a scholar of megaliths found in his extensive travel adventures.

Loza’s interest in history, megalithic structures, and alternative archaeology began when his daughter presented him with one of Zecharia Sitchin’s books about ancient astronauts. From Easter Island, Egypt, and India to Ethiopia, Tibet, and Colombia, and many other exotic destinations, Loza tries to find his own answers to questions about our ancient past. He is not afraid to offer “politically incorrect” theories and explanations “forbidden” by mainstream academic disciplines.

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